Classroom Intermediate Pack

Classroom Intermediate Pack

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Has your class mastered the easier activities? Then your brilliant students will love using their skills and the intermediate pack!

This kit contains enough materials for 15 students including the following:

15x solar panel
15x CX10 motor
60x male to male pins
60x female to male pins
60x female to female pins
30x pipe cleaners
60x alligator clips
30x rubber bands, size 14 and 64
15x mini buzzer
15x 20cm length of copper

    Some additional parts for activities not included.


    Not suitable for kids under 5 due to a potential choking hazard.

    Mind Lab Kids does not accept liability for events that occur as a result of the activities proposed. Teacher supervision is advised.


    There are a number of small things in this pack that could do some harm if swallowed or misused.

    Please exercise caution and safety when using this pack in your classroom!

    We want all Mind Lab Kids to be safe, healthy and happy Mind Lab Kids!